Carofaro Chocolatiers

Chocolate Art

The mastery of Carofaro chocolatiers becomes Art!

carofaro arte in cioccolato

The mastery of Carofaro chocolatiers becomes Art!

carofaro arte in cioccolato

Every day, each member of our team brings his skills to the laboratory with passion and method, to create quality products, thanks to a careful choice of raw materials and meticulous attention to craftsmanship.

The chocolate we use comes from selected companies of primary importance and recognized excellence that guarantee the quality of the cocoa and the traceability of the production chain.

The Mask

The Pulcinella Mask in the finest chocolate was born from an idea of ​​Antonio Carofaro, founder of the historic pastry and chocolate shop in Acerra in the province of Naples, where, since 1500 d.c., tradition has it that Pulcinella was born.

The Horn

The Neapolitan culture is full of superstitions and tricks to avoid bad luck and the evil eye.
For this reason, various objects born with this goal have spread.
The most famous of these is the Red Horn (which according to some is effective only if it is given as a gift).
Luck and art all to be enjoyed or to be kept on display at home or in the office

Eat your luck … I don’t want to believe it but I don’t know if I can.

antonio carofaro


Pulcinella that the whole world knows, shrewd, cheerful, nice and joker…
His enigmatic smile gives joy, amazement and melancholy at the same time.
We, at Carofaro chocolatiers, wanted to reproduce the same sensations in pure dark chocolate.
The soul of the oldest and most known mask in the world enclosed in the food of the Gods, chocolate.
An original and inimitable gift.

pulcinella in cioccolato